Evan Selinger

I’m a Professor of Philosophy at Rochester Institute of Technology and a Senior Fellow at The Future of Privacy Forum. These days, most of my research is on tech-ethics and privacy.

My latest book is Re-Engineering Humanity. It’s co-authored with Brett Frischmann. Nicholas Carr wrote the Forward and Cambridge University Press published it in 2018.

My latest anthology is The Cambridge Handbook of Consumer Privacy. It’s co-edited with Jules Polonetsky and Omer Tene and Cambridge University Press published it in 2018. Here’s a link to Chapter 1 “Consumer Privacy and the Future of Society.”

Here are some of the issues that I’ve recently worked on.

• Defending the value of obscurity—which includes privacy in public—for democracy, personal development and freedom, and human flourishing.

• Analyzing the ethical implications of humans outsourcing their agency to technology, including through the standard of a reverse Turing Test.

• Advancing arguments that facial recognition technology has unique affordances and bans are an appropriate form of governance.

• Defending non-fallacious, slippery slope arguments about future surveillance and techno-social engineering practices.

• Criticizing the efficiency delusion, which is the mistaken belief that reducing friction will unproblematically enhance ethical, political, social, or professional goals in cases where lowered transaction costs will result in adverse impacts or unintended consequences.

• Developing ethical arguments for making technology companies more responsible product designers and service providers.

• Developing arguments for how to avoid dishonest anthropomorphic design of robots and AI assistants.

In an effort to help shape policy, I’m currently consulting with the Institute for Defense on Analysis on a DARPA-funded project involving the use of AI to enhance the autonomy of technological systems.

In addition to being a prolific academic author, I’m committed to public engagement and write for all kinds of newspapers, magazines, and blogs: The New York TimesWired, The Atlantic, Slate, The Wall Street Journal, The NationThe Guardian, Salon, CNN, One Zero, Bloomberg Opinion, The Christian Science MonitorThe BBC, New ScientistAeon, Forbes, and Huffington Post. 

E-mail: eselinger [at] gmail.com
Twitter: @evanselinger