Evan Selinger

I’m a Professor of Philosophy at Rochester Institute of Technology and a Senior Fellow at The Future of Privacy Forum. These days, most of my research is on tech-ethics and privacy.

My latest book is Re-Engineering Humanity. It’s co-authored with Brett Frischmann. Nicholas Carr wrote the Forward and Cambridge University Press published it in 2018.

My latest anthology is The Cambridge Handbook of Consumer Privacy. It’s co-edited with Jules Polonetsky and Omer Tene and Cambridge University Press published it in 2018. Here’s a link to Chapter 1 “Consumer Privacy and the Future of Society.”

In addition to being a prolific academic author, I’m committed to public engagement and have written for all kinds of newspapers, magazines, and blogs: The New York TimesWired, The Atlantic, Slate, The Wall Street Journal, The NationThe Guardian, Salon, CNN, Bloomberg Opinion, The Christian Science MonitorThe BBC, New ScientistAeon, Forbes, and Huffington Post. 

E-mail: eselinger [at] gmail.com
Twitter: @evanselinger